Concentrated cores essential for a balanced composition of feedingstuffs.

Premixtures or premixes are high precision products for manufacturers of feed or for certain farmers who manufacture feed on the farm.
In both cases, operators must have a license or specific official registration in order to be able to use these concentrates.

Regulatory definition: EC Regulation No. 1831/2003
"Mixtures of feed additives or mixtures of one or more feed additives with feed materials or water used as carriers, not intended for direct feeding to animals. " 

Premixtures are composed of a blend of additives authorised by a specific regulation: limitative list of products evaluated by scientific experts and the administration.

Among the main additives we can mention vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, flavourings, binders, preservatives... These are the essential constituents present in very small amounts in feed.

These additives mixed together are often associated with a vegetal or mineral carrier material that ensures a homogeneous composition and correct usage when incorporated during feed manufacturing processes.

The level of incorporation varies from 0.2 to 1.5% depending on the type of feed being manufactured, the animal species or the manufacturing technological level.
The service companies that develop premixtures also provide scientific, technical and economic advice.
Numerous formulations may be offered to each customer adapted to their own particular requirements.

Volumes traded:
French production of premixtures amounts to over 150,000 tons per year that contribute to a reconstituted feed volume of some 31 million tonnes, of which about one-third is performed abroad using exported premixtures.